Youlgrave Preschool

We are open during term-time from Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 12 noon. 

We are registered to provide sessional day care for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years.  

Parents and children are very welcome to visit.

If you would like any further information, or to arrange a visit, please call Jody the Preschool Supervisor on 07745 191366 or by Email


Youlgrave Preschool has been providing pre-school provision for young children and their families in Youlgrave for over 30 years.

Youlgrave Preschool is based at the Scout and Community Youth Hall in Youlgrave and has excellent facilities for all children to learn through play. Our aim is to provide a safe, fun and relaxed learning environment in which to prepare children for their educational future.  We recognise the important role we play in providing quality pre-school education within a rural community and always work to maintain this valuable village resource and improve the quality of early years education for children in Youlgrave and the surrounding area.

Youlgrave Preschool is an Unincorporated Organisation and as such is managed by a voluntary committee.   All of the staff and committee members are dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards for young children and their families in a fun and stimulating learning environment.

We are proud to be OSTED registered since 2000 and are part of the Pre-School Learning Alliance. 


We have three members of staff:

  • Supervisor –  Jody Coupe (Nursery Nursing NNEB Diploma)
  • Assistant Supervisor – Lily Smith
  • Assistant- Jayne Oldfield

Every child is assigned a key-worker who then works closely with their child and their child’s parents.  They monitor their child’s learning journey during their time with us and provide tailored and exciting opportunities for them.


Our planning is fuelled by the children’s interests so that we combine what they enjoy playing with and their learning goals in a fun and exciting way.

We incorporate the three prime areas

  • Personal, social & emotional
  • Physical
  • Communication & language

and the four specific areas

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Expressive arts & design
  • Understanding the World

of the government’s statutory Early Years Foundation Stage into our daily planning.

Our Daily Routine

Our routine is very flexible and we pride ourselves on listening to what the children want to play with or do.

We have a strong focus on learning and development but deliver this in a very fun and action packed way.

Our morning begins with self registration where the children find their names and place them on a peg board. They then come and sit down for a short circle time (for example, a counting game or music and movement activity) and we talk through the mornings activities.

This is followed by the choice to participate in an adult led activity or free play – choosing from a vast range of toys, games, jigsaws, role play, small world or mark making to name a few!

We usually have two groups of children according to their ages and abilities to ensure activities are inclusive and appropriate for everyone.

Snack time begins at 10am, the children find their names and put them on the snack board to register themselves for snack. Children are supported to be independent in hand washing and encouraged to pour their own drinks (juice, water or milk) and prepare their own food (i.e. slicing some banana or buttering some toast). Snack time is a very sociable event and an activity all by itself which is carried out in small groups of up to four children. We provide varied and healthy food like wholemeal toast, lots of different fruit, cheese, crackers and teacakes. There is always a member of staff sitting with the children at snack time.

We have a free flow of outdoor play (staff ratios permitting) and we try to go outside in all weather conditions to experience sunshine, rain or even snow!  A vast range of activities are provided outside, we have scooters, see-saws, a large water tray, a sandpit, building blocks & tools, chalks to draw with, balls, hoops and bikes, etc. etc. ! Our outdoor planning is child led, combined with our on-going continuous provision of toys and activities and each child’s next step targets.

We also have planned music and movement as part of our session. This may include singing, dancing, creative movement, learning actions and playing instruments.

The children can choose a storybook at any point of the session. We have a vast selection of books from traditional stories, factual books and books from the library to help to support our themes or topics. We have a ‘book of the week’ which is read at the end of each session throughout the week. We gradually try to incorporate puppets or toys to extend the story, the children may even act out part of the story when they are familiar with it. The ‘book of the week’ is chosen in relation to what the children are currently interested in.

All of a sudden its 12noon and time for home.  We sing our goodbye song and usually give out a few stickers too!  We like to take this opportunity to talk to parents, share information and discuss the mornings events.  We love to have lots of input from parents and we realise the importance of partnerships between parents / carers and us!

Our Fees

All children are welcome and can join the Preschool from two years of age at a cost of £12.00 per morning.

Children are usually eligible for government funding the term after their third birthday and this amounts to five mornings per week (15 hrs).

Registered address:
Youlgrave Scout and Community Youth Hall
Alport Lane, Youlgrave, DE45 1WN

Ofsted Registered Number: 206915