Youlgrave Welldressers Invitation

Youlgrave Welldressing 2019

Clay preparation: Saturday 11th May at 10am. Meet at welldressing shed.

Boards in the river: Friday 7th June at 6 pm. Meet at welldressing shed

Puddling:                     Monday 17th June at 6 pm. Meet at the river.

Making:                      Tuesday 18th to Friday 21st June.

Service:                        Saturday 22nd June at 2.30pm.

Wells on display:        Saturday 22nd June to Thursday 27th June.

Taking down:              Friday 28th June.

Anyone interested in helping out, especially putting up signs, helping at the shed, putting up or taking down the welldressings, please contact Peter Pimm on 07977 451339.


ON HOLIDAY IN  THE YOULGRAVE AREA? Tuesday 18th to Saturday 22nd June 2019. 

Marking out the pattern on the clay

Marking out the pattern on the clay



One of Six Welldressings

One of the main Welldressings

Petal motiff

That’s when we make our welldressings, a tradition in this village that goes back about 200 years. Welldressings are pictures made with petals and other natural materials pressed into clay.

They are now produced by more than 80 villages in Derbyshire. There are 5 large welldressings in Youlgrave (about 10 feet by 8 feet).
We estimate that up to 150 people are involved in one way or another.  Some of them started when they were on holiday.

Would you like to join in?
On Monday evening we puddle the clay.

Tuesday to Friday flowers and other materials are collected and the actual making takes place.

They are erected early on Saturday morning.



No experience or special skills necessary, extra help is always welcome!

We need to know in advance what you can offer, so 

Please contact Peter Pimm
07977 451339 or 01629 636341