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Parish residents traffic survey

YPC Roads Parking Traffic consultation Dec 17

This consultation closed on 15th January 2018 – click on link for  survey results

GRIT Bins and refills

Youlgrave Parish Council currently provides 17 bins with 2 filled by Waterloo Housing and the remainder by Derbyshire County Council.
The grit provided is for use to clear public pavements and roads only. It is not for use on private property.
If you are caught taking grit or salt for use on private property, such as driveways, you may be prosecuted.

Most bins have been labelled by Derbyshire County Council as a central point of contact and they will inform the respective bodies if you contact them – if you know it’s one of the Parish bins then you are welcome to let the clerk or a councillor know direct. A map follows to show who is responsible for which:

Map of Grit bin locations and responsibilities : gritbin locations 2018






2020 Conclusion of Audit:
Annual Governance Statement Accounts, internal audit and variances : DE0246YPC AGAR
Notification of Inspection Period: YPC_exercise_of_public_rights_2019-20

2019 Conclusion of Audit: DE0246 S3 External audit 2019
Annual Governance Statement Accounts, internal audit and variances : ypcgovernanceaccounts2019
Notification of Inspection Period: YPC_exercise_of_public_rights_2018-19

2018 Conclusion of Audit ypcauditconclusion2018
Annual Governance Statement Accounts, internal audit and variances :ypcgovernanceaudit2018
Notification of Inspection Period: YPC_exercise_of_public_rights_2017-18

2017 Conclusion of Audit ypcnoticeofconclusion2017
External audit ypcexternalauditreport2017 Notification of Inspection Period ypinspectionrights2017   Annual Governance Statement and Accounts ypaccountsgovernance2017  Unaudited  accounts declaration ypunpublisheddec2017

2016 Conclusion of Audit ypc-conclusion-audit-2016
2016 External audit report ypc-external-audit-2016
Annual Governance Statement and Accounts  ypcgovaccts016  Unaudited  accounts declaration ypcactstatus016 2016 Notification of Inspection Period ypcpubrights016

2015 End of Year Accounts, Annual Governance Statement, Internal Audit report, ypcaudit015    Variance report ypcvar1415
Completion report ypcextaudit015
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The Fields in Trust Multi-use Games Area award > FiT annual report 2014

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