Welldressing links

welldressing artwork

Welldressing artwork

Welldressing dates 2017:

  • Clay preparation: Sat 20 May, 10 am, meet at welldressing shed (Coldwell End)
  • Boards in the River: Friday 9 June, 6 pm, meet at welldressing shed
  • Puddling: Monday 19 June, 6 pm, meet at the river
  • Making: Tuesday 20 June to Friday 23 June
  • Service and procession: Saturday 24 June, 2.30pm
  • Wells on display: Saturday 24 June to Thursday 29 June

If you are new to the village, or have been here a lifetime but have never well-dressed, you are welcome to get involved – be it petalling or lifting, drawing or dunking (the boards), mixing clay or colour. Give Peter Pimm a call on 07977 451339.

The 2014 wells commemorating the Great War Derby Telegraph article

For more information go to the Youlgrave welldressers own site.

In this link to ‘You Tube’  you can see the section of programme showing the Youlgrave well dressing process, shown in the Autumn of 2013 on ITV – ‘Off the Beaten Track’ with Christine Bleakley

 This link gives a record of all the well dressings since 2000 and their positions.
 If you’d like to help see the Invitation