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The closure of the B5056 near Hawley’s Bridge is now likely to last far longer than the anticipated five weeks, so that Youlgrave’s eastern link to the A6 may well be out of action for most of April. The road was shut on  7 March for major repairs to the retaining wall near Bowers Hall. However, the Bugle understands that for almost the first three weeks after the closure started, work to rebuild the carriageway was delayed as Severn Trent needed to divert a major water main under the road.

The collapsed retaining wall near Bowers Hall.

An engineer from Derbyshire County Council’s Highways team explained that the high pressure of the ‘trunk main’ required the making and fitting of bespoke new valves, in order to move the mains to a safer line along the inside of the road and away from the vulnerable outer edge. This set the project back at least a fortnight. The work on the B5056 is due to end by 12 April, but if as seems likely the closure is extended there are concerns that it may then coincide with two other impending road closures that are also likely to affect Youlgrave residents heading out of the area:

  • The closure of Main Road (B5057) at Darley Bridge for gas main renewal work, 13-23 April
  • The closure of the Via Gellia road (A5012) for work on a retaining wall due to the threat of a landslip, 8 May to 26 June.

Separately, Youlgrave Parish Council has been pressing Derbyshire County Council to repair the surface of Conksbury Lane and Back Lane, especially around Conksbury Bridge, which are seeing a much more intensive use by traffic due to the current road closure. There has already been one accident, near Noton Barn Farm, and as more heavy vehicles use the route fears have been expressed for the historic structure of Conksbury Bridge itself, which is subject to a 7.5 tonne weight restriction. Derbyshire County Council has already patched a few of the worst affected areas, but they say they will be regularly monitoring road conditions and taking remedial action where necessary. Anyone needing further information should ring Call Derbyshire 01629 533190.

LATEST NEWS FROM DCC (3 April): “As you will most probably be aware the works to repair the Highway Retaining Wall at Bowers Hall have been delayed, because of the need for Severn Trent Water Authority to divert their aged high pressure water main. The resultant effect of this is that we (Derbyshire County Council) have not been able to start the wall repair until this morning. As I know  you will also be aware there is a planned Road Closure for Gas works at Darley Bridge, all road closures are disruptive and are a last resort, obviously concurrent road closures compound this problem but Highway Safety is paramount and must be maintained. This said we have looked at our construction methodology and have been able to refine it such that the road closure at Bowers Hall can be lifted for the Easter Holidays, albeit the works will still need to be under traffic light control, this then avoids the two concurrent road closures. Unfortunately we will need to reinstate the Road Closure once the Darley Bridge works are finished to complete the construction of the rest of the highway wall. (Exact dates to be confirmed subject to on site progress.)”

Youlgreave to Ypres Stained Glass Design competition launched 

To commemorate the centenary of The Great War, the Youlgreave 1914-1918 Community Group is asking members of the community to help design a stained glass 2D or 3D piece to reflect the unique link between Youlgreave and Ypres, represented by the memorial window in All Saints’ Church. It will be formed in two sections, one of which will be presented to the people of Ypres as a lasting memorial to those who served in WW1. The competition is for anyone and everyone (of all ages) residing in Youlgreave, Middleton, Alport, Harthill, Birchover and Stanton-in-Peak. It starts on 1 January 1st 2017 and final entries must be received by 7 May 2017. The application criteria are as follows:

DESIGN: To be a 2D or 3D piece, incorporating two halves, which interchange to form one whole, and each of which may also be displayed separately All Saints’ Church, Youlgreave, and Ypres Cathedral.

SIZE: Maximum of 1 metre x 1 metre x 1 metre.

MATERIAL: Stained glass, lead, wood, metal, local natural or other practical lasting material.

EVENTUAL POSITION: Expected to stand on a plinth of sorts (which may or may not be incorporated into the design). Natural light from above. This does not exclude extra added lighting from other angles.

COLOUR: No restriction

EXPLANATION: Please include a simple explanation of the design.

COMMITTEE: A representative committee will be selected to choose the final design which will be completed ready to be put in place in August 2018. The finished product may incorporate all or part of the chosen design/s. Entrants are welcome to submit a general or abstract design idea which can be converted to stained glass, rather than a restricted idea due to lack of knowledge of the materials or process.

DELIVERY: Please leave your entry and details in Youlgreave at one of the following: Youlgreave Post Office;  Peak Feast, Moor Lane; 5 Grove Place; or at Brambleside, Brookleton.


Women’s Section raises Standard for last time

Mrs Angela Swift (left) and members of the Youlgrave Branch of the RBL Women’s Section

Mrs Angela Swift (left) and members of the Youlgrave Branch of the RBL Women’s Section

On Saturday 24 September the Youlgrave Branch of the Women’s Section of the Royal British Legion  hosted the County Conference and Purse Presentation ceremony in the Village Hall. The local ladies started the proceedings by providing a wonderful lunch which was enjoyed by all. After lunch the business meeting then took place, which was followed by the Purse Presentation to the County Vice President Mr Bernard Page MBE. Mr Page was then invited to present awards of Silver Cups and certificates to several members of other Branches, including four certificates handed out to Youlgrave members. The proceedings concluded with the Parade of the County Standard and other British Standards. The National Anthem was sung by the members and the Act of Homage was observed by Mrs Angela Swift, County Chair of the Women’s Section, who then closed the meeting.

Sadly, following on from the Presentation Ceremony on Saturday, the Women’s Section of the Royal British Legion Youlgrave Branch closed and was disbanded. They laid their Standard ‘Up’ in the Parish Church on Sunday at the evening Service. The Standard Bearer, Mrs Pat Macleod, was escorted by Mrs Joan Roper and Mrs Jean Wragg to the altar. The Reverend Louise Petheram was charged with its safe keeping. The Standard was then laid on the altar for the duration of the Service which was attended by nine past members of the Branch and Mrs Angela Swift, County Chair lady. After the Service the Standard was placed in its permanent position in Church.

David Camm


Funding success for new fitness equipment

Youlgrave Parish Council has been successful with its bid for £10,000 for a ‘fitness for all’ project for the QEII Alport Lane Playing Fields. The grant from Awards for All will allow the purchase and installation of nine pieces of exercise equipment, which will be placed in groups of three at intervals around the playing field. The items have been chosen to ensure adults of all ages will find something to have a go on, and the pieces grouped to encourage you to bring a friend. There will be further news on the fitness trail, including more detail about the actual equipment and how to use them, in a future issue of the Bugle.

The September Parish Council  meeting also discussed maintenance of the existing play equipment, an issue over blocking the highway and gave its support to two planning applications. It also received positive pre-planning advice from the Peak District National Park Authority, which enables us to formally engage a designer to draw up plans and apply for planning permission to relocate the toilet block at Coldwell End and improve the car parking facilities. Council next meets on Tuesday 18 October at the Village Hall Committee Room (7.15pm) – all welcome.


A second helping of cake

youlgrave-yh-cakePictured right is Lynn Nolan’s incredibly detailed (and eminently edible) ‘Co-op cake’, based on what is now the Youth Hostel. The 16 stunning creations of the cake village are nearing completion and will be shortly on display in All Saints Church. Visitors will be able to see lit cottages, a spectacular windowed Church, even the pies, buns and cheeses in The Bakery in hand-crafted detail, and tiny lifelike sausages and hams hang in the Butcher’s shop. Look out for this superb display in October and please come and donate towards the urgent Roof Appeal. Stewards  will be required to assist during the display period (contact Barbara on 636601 if you can help), while Lynn, the village cake creator, can be contacted on


Eric’s long service to the Parish Council


Eric Goodwin receives his tankard from Lillian Clark.

After 19 years as a Parish Councillor for Youlgrave, Eric Goodwin has stepped down. As a token of its gratitude for his long and active service to the community, the Parish Council presented him with a commemorative tankard. Eric, born and bred in Youlgrave, was given the tankard by Cllr Lillian Clark, who like Eric has served the Parish Council for several decades. Councillors wishes him a long and relaxed retirement.

Youlgrave Horticultural Show 2016 cancelled

Unfortunately due to a decline in members on the Horticultural Society, the increase in costs of running the show and other circumstances, Youlgrave Horticultural Society has sadly announced there will be no Village Horticultural Show this year.

A lot of work goes into the organisation of the show from printing, sourcing judges, setting up and taking down the tables and stage along with collecting the entries, handing out the prize money and trophies and of course the sale at the end. However, if anyone would like to revitalise the show with fresh ideas to rejuvenate this long tradition, the existing members of the society are more than willing to help and offer advice in any way they can. Over the last few years the craft and children’s sections have grown from strength to strength, but unfortunately the vegetable and flower entries have slowly decreased. If anyone wishes to contact the society with offers of taking over the show, please contact Sandra Harrop on 01629 630003 or Lesley Toyne on 01629 636484.

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